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In the history section we provide a chronological overview and further introductive information about the events and documents like the farewell letters of the chaplains.


On the 10th of November 1943 four clergymen, the Lutheran Pastor Karl Friedrich Stellbrink and the Catholic priests Hermann Lange, Eduard Müller and Johannes Prassek were executed in the Hamburg prison Holstenglacis by guillotinening. The National Socialist Volksgerichtshof (People's Court) had sentenced them all to death in the summer of 1943 because of "listening to enemy broadcasts, favouring the enemy, malice and sedition".


Farewell letters of the Lübeck Martyrs

For years they were considered to be lost: The farewell letters of the Lübeck Martyrs Johannes Prassek, Hermann Lange, Eduard Müller and Karl Friedrich Stellbrink. November 2004, these letters reemerged. Lübeck historian Prof. Dr. Peter Voswinckel detected a great many of documents about the martyrs in the Berlin Federal Archives. After the war, they ended up in the GDR archives.


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